Soprano Titanium

As science and technology keep growing, it brings more comfort and efficiency. Laser hair removal techniques are now well established worldwide, but still, people are not aware of the varieties of lasers and machinery that they can opt for.Alma Soprano Titanium is a one-of-a-kind and result-driven technology in the field of hair removal. It is an advanced technology that comes with the power of three different wavelengths at the same time.

At Dadu Medical Centre (Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden) we have a world class technology available i.e. Alma Soprano Titanium, one of the best techniques for full body laser hair removal in Delhi.

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General Project Diode

The GP Diode is one of the most potent and dynamic devices for Permanent Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi available at Dadu Medical Centre. It is equipped with the next-generation technology for high-power cooling system which disperses the heat emitted out by the high-power diode at the contact site.The General Project Diode has 640 watts of supplied power, which ensures a rapid scan with 12 impulses per second hitting the target rapidly for faster and more effective treatment. The versatile features are integrated into the display with preset programs and customized protocols for different skin types, with the continuous monitoring of the treatment while in the procedure.

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Diode laser is a type of laser hair removal treatment that offers one of the safest and fastest hair removal methods in the industry. The primary objective of the treatment is to remove hair follicles while protecting the skin surface. Diode lasers work in the range of 810 to 1064 nm, which is considered the most effective range to improve the efficacy of the treatment for long-lasting results. A diode laser produces coherent projections of light from the visible to infrared range. A narrow-spectrum is then selected to target specific chromophores (the parts of the molecules responsible for their color) in the skin.

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Alexandrite Laser1

Alexandrite Laser

As the name suggests, Alexandrite Laser utilizes a crystal of alexandrite as a laser source or medium. The alexandrite laser delivers a particular beam of light in the infrared range (755 nm).The wavelength or beam of light determines how much it is going to penetrate the skin layers. So, the alexandrite laser is considered one of the most efficient methods of unwanted face & body hair removal as it produces a beam of 755 nm that does not penetrate the unrequired area of the skin. It reaches hair follicles and does not go into deeper layers of skin.

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Alma Soprano Ice

Alma Soprano Ice

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