Stomach/Tummy Laser Hair Removal

Stomach/Tummy Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Don’t let your belly hair cramp your confidence! Try Laser Hair Removal

It's important to know how to remove belly hair effectively and without causing any discomfort since the belly/ stomach skin is very soft. People opt for stomach hair removal because it can stop them from wearing the clothes they desire.

So, it is always better to opt for a permanent solution rather than a temporary one. 

Which is the best stomach laser hair removal technique in Delhi?

We are all aware of the traditional options available to us for stomach hair removal, with their pros and cons. The majority of people opt for waxing, but it is painful and temporary. It needs re-waxing within a week. This way, it becomes costly also, and we often tend to restrict ourselves from wearing the desired clothes. Stomach hair is naturally present in both men and women. A tummy that is free of undesirable hair is more attractive and feels good and smooth.

Even though women have thinner stomach hair than men, neither of them prefers to have it.

One can get a permanent solution with stomach laser hair removal in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre (Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden) and confidently flaunt the stomach anywhere, at any time. Laser hair removal for stomach is virtually painless and a very comfortable procedure in comparison to traditional hair removal methods. A lot of male and female patients visit us for stomach laser hair removal, especially those who are engaged in sports, fitness, modeling, etc. 


Many people wonder if the procedure is unnatural and harms us or if there are major side effects of the technique. Well, to put your mind at ease, let us explain to you the whole procedure so that you are well aware of what happens during stomach laser hair removal.


The procedure of stomach laser hair removal

The procedure is very simple to learn about. There are different kinds of laser techniques present at our clinic. The mechanism of action is the same for all instruments; they just differ in the wavelength of light they contain:
1) A cooling gel is applied to the belly region where hair needs to be removed.

The gel provides one with cooling effect and also works as a protective layer so that the laser is not in direct contact with one's skin.

2) The laser instrument is gradually applied to the entire targeted area. A beam of light is passed through this device on to the target skin area and reaches the hair follicle present in deeper layers of skin.

3) The heat waves of light disrupt the hair follicle from within, which is responsible for the regrowth of hair. The beam of light is straight and does not affect any of the surrounding tissue or layers. Hence, only the hair follicles are disrupted.

4) The choice of laser hair removal technique depends on the color and thickness of the hair, which should always be consulted with the doctor and nobody else.

5) A few sessions of stomach laser hair removal are required to destroy the follicles completely and inhibit hair growth.


Are there any side effects to stomach laser hair removal? Is it painful?

The procedure involves only slight discomfort and the person would feel heat sensations or a tingling effect, but it would be much more pleasant than pricking or waxing.

Moreover, a cooling gel is applied before and while doing the treatment.

Concerning the safety of the treatment, one can rest assured as the only function of hair follicles is hair growth and the procedure just disrupts them and nothing else. Hence, nothing unnatural is happening to the body. All the celebrities engage in laser hair removal to remain worry free and wear desired clothing any time. The main thing to consider about it is that the stomach laser hair removal techniques at Dadu Medical Centre (Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden) are all FDA approved.


How many sessions are required to get permanent results? 

Depending upon the treatment area and nature of the hair, the sessions may vary from 4 to 6 to get a permanent solution.


Concerned about the cost?

To know the cost of stomach laser hair removal in Delhi one needs to consult a dermatologist as this is a highly customisable procedure.


1) Flaunt a hairless abdomen
For girls, you would be able to wear these crop tops, blouses, or your desired choice of clothes. For men, you would be able to flaunt that tight abdomen or play tee-free on the sports grounds.

2) Time-saving
You do not have to worry about going to the parlor for stomach hair before any and every event.

3) Virtually painless
It is almost painless in comparison with traditional methods.

4) Long-lasting results
The procedure is permanent and you do not have to engage yourself repeatedly through short-lived traditional methods.

5) Flexible sessions
We have flexible packages available at Dadu Medical Centre which allow you to have the flexibility of choosing your laser hair removal sessions a per your convenience.
6) Dadu Medical Centre is considered to be one of the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, so one can rest assured of the optimum results.


For more details about stomach laser hair removal in Delhi, please feel free to connect with us at +91-9667721501 or +91-9810939319 or write to us at 

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