Legs Laser Hair Removal

Legs Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Vasant Vihar, Delhi

Wanna wear those easy breezy dresses every day? Try Laser Hair Removal

Have you ever noticed that you spend most of your time in the shower dragging a razor on your legs? If not, you might be spending a few hours on the weekend at the salon to get your legs waxed. Legs are the largest parts of the body. And keeping them hair free is a task.

Shaving, epilating or waxing are short term solutions and cause many skin problems. Ingrown hair is one of them. The hair curls under the skin surface and is visible as a red bump. Ingrown hair can be painful and are hard to get rid of. Taking the time, effort and pain into consideration, it's time to switch to the advanced Laser hair removal for legs.

Though legs come under the large treatment area, the time of the procedure has been shortened a lot with the Soprano Ice technology available at Dadu Medical Centre. There are other benefits too-

The cooling technology of Soprano Ice and Topical Anaesthesia make the legs hair removal treatment painless.

With time and subsequent sessions, hyperpigmentation caused due to years of shaving, waxing and ingrown hair will fade away.

Hair growth can subside after the 4-6 laser sessions, even in case of regrowth the hair is thin and virtually invisible. The yearly touch-up session is enough to tackle them.

There will be a team of dermatologist and technicians who will make sure that the treatment goes through as planned.

Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the head Dermatologist at the clinic, has been considered among the most experienced and skilled doctor to go for skin and hair related treatments. And our Legs hair removal clinic in Delhi is the most trusted as we are known to provide the most cost-effective treatments.

Who doesn’t like to have smooth shiny legs?  Legs Laser Hair Removal in Vasant Vihar, South Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre is a safe treatment with results that last for a long period of time. So, ditch your razors and book your appointment now!

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