General Project Diode


General Project Diode

What is it?

The GP Diode is one of the most potent and dynamic devices for Permanent Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi available at Dadu Medical Centre. It is equipped with the next-generation technology for high-power cooling system which disperses the heat emitted out by the high-power diode at the contact site.

The General Project Diode has 640 watts of supplied power, which ensures a rapid scan with 12 impulses per second hitting the target rapidly for faster and more effective treatment. The versatile features are integrated into the display with preset programs and customized protocols for different skin types, with the continuous monitoring of the treatment while in the procedure.  It is a Safe, Effective, Painless, and Quick solution for a complete  Permanent Laser Hair Reduction.

Who is it for?

The General Project Diode, an advanced technique for laser hair removal in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre is for:

  • Those who have been sick and tired of using conventional methods for hair removal like waxing, hair removal creams, threading, shaving, etc. which irritates the pH balance of the skin and causes an increase in the density of hair growth. 
  • Those looking for an option of Permanent Hair Removal in Delh to achieve soft skin and an exponentially decreased density of hair growth.
  • Those who can’t take much time out of their hectic schedules for traditional hair removal treatments.
  • Those who are concerned about the aggressive nature of the procedures like waxing or threading wish to avoid skin redness/ irritation/ bumps/ ingrown hair. 
  • Those who have a busy schedule. Diode Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi is a quick and comfortable treatment which can take a few minutes to an hour depending on the area to be treated.

What are the advantages?

  • Safe and effective on all skin types.
  • Its advanced cooling system enables the treatment to be more comfortable for patients by protecting the epidermis from the heat emitted by the high-powered diode.
  • The rapid scans of the target achieved by 12 impulses per second of the targeted area ensure faster treatment effectively.
  • Preset programs on the display give the operator options to optimize the procedure according to the skin and hair type of the customer.
  • Display integrated on the handpiece allows continuous monitoring of the treatment.
  • Faster & effective treatment allows us to provide affordable Permanent Hair Removal cost in Delhi.

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