Diode Laser


Diode Laser

Who is it for?

The need to remove unwanted hair from the body takes away a lot of time which no one is ready to spare in this fast-paced era. Also, it becomes essential to add it to one’s routine almost two to three times a month because conventional methods can remove them, but the hair always come back quickly! Dealing with same problem?
Diode Laser can save the trouble!

Diode Laser Hair Removal in Delhi provided at Dadu Medical Centre (Vasant Vihar, Rajouri Garden) is one of the most effective type of laser treatment for unwanted face & body hair removal. Although it is efficient for all skin and hair types and can be used on all body parts, it is preferable for thick hair types and is very potent for dark skin types as the 810nm wavelength diode laser offers deep penetration levels in the dermis hair and superior melanin absorption.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment can be performed on all parts of the body including even the sensitive areas as mentioned below:

Here at Dadu Medical Centre, India’s most trusted Laser Clinic, along with the world class technologies one can consult the Best Doctors for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi. Led by Dr. Nivedita Dadu who has years of experience and a long list of satisfied patients, Dadu Medical Centre has trained laser technicians and a team of experienced dermatologists. All laser procedures are carried out by these professional laser technicians under the guidance of a dermatologist. So, in short, premium-quality machinery and personalised attention by doctors ensures that the procedures give results of the highest standards as desired by an individual.

What is it?

Diode laser is a type of laser hair removal treatment that offers one of the safest and fastest hair removal methods in the industry. The primary objective of the treatment is to remove hair follicles while protecting the skin surface. Diode lasers work in the range of 810 to 1064 nm, which is considered the most effective range to improve the efficacy of the treatment for long-lasting results. A diode laser produces coherent projections of light from the visible to infrared range. A narrow-spectrum is then selected to target specific chromophores (the parts of the molecules responsible for their color) in the skin.

A diode laser emits a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair i.e. melanin. At the targeted site, the energy of the laser is concentrated in the hair shaft, efficiently destroying the hair shaft without damaging the surrounding skin.

What are the advantages?

  • There is a permanent decrease in the hair growth density in the area treated.
  • The follicles of the hair are destroyed by the high penetration of the high-powered diode laser.
  • The heat dissipated onto the contact site is cooled off with advanced cooling systems.
  • The hair gets lighter in thickness and of a lighter shade.
  • In comparison to other laser treatments like Ruby or Alexandrite, the Diode Laser has a much higher wavelength used in it giving deeper penetration of the dermis destroying hair follicles from deep in the hair shaft. 
  • It is best used in combination with other procedures as customized for the customer to meet the needs of their skin and hair type.

Those looking for the most suitable and Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi can visit Dadu Medical Centre to avail this treatment.

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