Understanding How Laser Hair Reduction Works?

    03 Sep,2019 |     by Dr. Nivedita Dadu

Laser Hair Reduction method is becoming a popular way of getting rid of the unwanted hair from the body. The procedure is effective, convenient, pain-free with no side-effects. The results of laser hair reduction are long-lasting than traditional methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, etc. A laser is an optically amplified beam ray. During laser hair reduction procedure, the laser light is targeted on the required area where it damages the root of the hair i.e hair follicles.

How does laser actually work?

The laser works on the principle of photon absorption. The laser destroys the hair follicle which prevents future hair growth or slows down the process. There are three ways in which the laser can destroy the hair follicles.


When the laser beam is focused on the targeted area, the melanin present in the hair follicles absorbs the light. The absorption of light produces sound waves which cause trauma to the hair without damaging the hair follicles.


The laser generates excessive heat when it focuses upon the hair follicles. This effectively causes local heating. The pulse duration of the laser is regulated in a way that the thermal relaxation time (time taken by an object to cool down) of the hair follicle restrict the damage spatially.


The laser damages the oxidative cells by generating free oxygen radicals during the procedure. This way, the method destroys the hair follicle.

Many people feel reluctant to opt for the laser hair reduction procedure as they think the procedure might make the skin darker or damage it in any way. However, the laser does not damage the surrounding skin as it only targets the melanin present in hair follicles and the hair roots.

The laser works on the mechanism of selective photothermolysis. The term refers to the absorption of laser light by the skin tissues while the laser is targeted to the skin. The laser emits a specific wavelength beam of light which is absorbed by chromophores (a pigment that absorbs light).

How is laser hair reduction performed?

The hair undergoing the laser treatment will be trimmed to a few millimetres above the skin surface. To protect the skin from any thermal damage, a cool gel is applied over the skin and a special cooling device will also be used. This will also make the treatment more effective by deeper penetration of light into the skin.

The most popular lasers for hair reduction are low-energy laser beam that is adjusted according to the skin colour, thickness and location of hair. The technician performs a test treatment by directing test pulse light. A low-energy laser beam will pass through the target area which is absorbed by the pigment of a percentage of active-growth hair follicles. If the test proves successful, the laser is directed spot by spot.

However, multiple sessions are required for optimal results. Usually, three to eight sessions are required for complete hair reduction. For expert consultation about laser hair reduction, one can visit Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Skin clinic.

Why multiple sessions are needed for hair reduction?

Multiple sessions are needed for hair reduction as the laser is effective in removing the hair which is in their growth phase. Generally, there are three different stages of the hair growth cycle:

Growth Phase: In this phase, the body feeds the hair with nutrients through the connection to the blood supply. The hair grows for six years.

Transition Phase: It is a shorter period which is also a period that marks the end of the growth phase. This period lasts up to three weeks. In this period, the hair is cut off from the blood flow and turn into club hair in preparation for shedding.

Shedding Phase: In this phase, the hair starts to rest and fall out.

The hair follicles remain inert for three months after which it again starts with the growth phase.

During the first session, not all hairs in the target area are in the growth phase. Thus, the laser is not effective in reducing the hair in a single session. However, one can see significant improvements after every session. And after taking all the sessions as recommended by the dermatologist, the hair regrows after a long period.


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